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Peter Rabbit in Klingon

The Tale of Peter Rabbit in Klingon

„pIter cheS lut“. – The English children book author Beatrix Potter created a wonderful realm of stories with her creation of Peter Rabbit. In this book at hand, the first story of these series has been translated to Klingon by Swedish Klingonist Ester Lüken. This offers learners of any age another the opportunity to learn and practice the Klingon language.

The book is set up bilingually with the Klingon text facing its English translation. Additionally, all texts come with a literal English back-translation, and even Klingon letters. Those provide a good practice for reading the Klingon alphabet. The story is accompanied with over 40 drawings by the author. The book includes a preface by the publisher and Klingon expert Lieven L. Litaer, as well as a list of used words in the book.

Das Buch gibt es auch → auf Deutsch!


Title: pIter cheS lut – Peter Rabbit in Klingon
Author: Beatrix Potter
Original title: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Translation by: Ester Lüken
Date: June 23, 2023
Pages: 96
Size: 152 x 228 mm / 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-3-9823968-9-7


Being a complete book, this book can be ordered at any of your favorite store. For your convenience, we suggest international buyers to order at If you live in Europe, it might be more interesting to order at the webstore of our partner, the German Klingon Institute.

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About the translator

Ester Lüken, born in 1982 in Sweden, living in Germany since 2010, has been learning Klingon since 2018 and quickly achieved a good proficiency in the Klingon language. She is a regular visitor of the Klingon language Meeting in Germany, called qepHom, so she had a good start for learning the language. She is also active outside of that meeting and enjoys translating different kinds of works. In 2020 she wrote several poems for the Klingon magazine called Qugh.

Porträt-Foto von Ester Lüken